US Universities and Hospitals
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Barnes-Jewish Hospital b o – 2 systems
Baylor University Medical Center – 3 systems
Boston Children’s Hospital
Bowman Gray b – 3 systems
Brockton VA Medical Center
Bronx VA Medical Center
Brooklyn College
Carolinas Healthcare o – 2 systems
Duke University o
Emory University b – 3 systems
Helen Hayes Hospital
IUPUI, Indianapolis m
Johns Hopkins University
Loma Linda VA Medical Center m – 2 systems
Loyola, Maywood, IL
Mass General
Mayo Clinic b m – 4 systems
MD Anderson Medical Center – 3 systems
Mt Sinai Hospital, NY b
Northwestern University
Portland, OR, VA
Rice University
Sawtooth Clinic, Sun Valley
Shriner’s Hospital, Tampa
St Francis Hospital, Hartford, CT
Texas Women’s University
University of Arkansas o – 7 systems
University of Florida b
University of Georgia
University of Kansas – 2 systems
University of Kentucky
University of Massachussetts
University of Miami s
University of Minnesota b
University of Missouri
University of Pennsylvania c
University of Rochester b – 2 systems
University of Texas, San Antonio b – 2 systems
University of Utah k – 2 systems
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin m – 2 systems
Westside VA Medical Center , Chicago b
Winthrop University Hospital k
Yale University o – 4 systems

Commercial system formerly used or replaced
b Bioquant m MicroComp
c Cue-2
o OsteoPlan
i ImagePro
q Quantimet
s SigmaScan



Universities and Hospitals Abroad
Aarhus University, Denmark
Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium
Army Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Army Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan o
Auckland University, New Zealand – 2 systems
Beijing Inst. of Biotechnology, China
Bristol University, UK
Concord Hospital, Australia
CHRU, Caen, France
Gifu University Hospital, Japan
Glasgow University, UK
Guangdong Medical School k
Hamburg University, Germany – 2 systems
Heidelberg University
Kitasato University, Japan
Leeds University, UK
London University, UK – 2 systems
Mahidol University, Thailand
Montreal University, Canada b
National Research Council, Canada
Osaka University, Japan – 2 systems
Sao Paolo University, Brazil
Sheffield University, UK – 2 systems
Shriner’s Hospital, Canada o – 3 systems
St George’s Hospital, Australia
St Joseph’s Hospital, Canada b
St Vincent’s Institute, Australia
Vienna University, Vienna, Austria
Western Australia University, Australia
Zeikenhuis University, Netherlands

Corporate clients
AEA Technology q – 2 systems
Amgen b– 3 systems
Ariad Pharmaceutical i
Bayer k – 2 systems
Eli Lilly k
Genetics Institute b k
Glaxo b – 2 systems
Leiras Pharmaceutical – 2 systems
Lexicon Genetics
Merck b
NPS Pharmaceutical k
OsteoScreen b – 2 systems
Pfizer b
Proctor and Gamble b k – 2 systems
Regeneron b
SkeleTech – 3 systems
SmithKline Beecham b


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